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By September 22, 2020Blog


Two years ago,  I made the greatest decision to start living a Simply essential life- apply the minimalist in all i could honoring the precious time we have and caring about things that matter.


I decluttered, I made a deep introspection by asking these 4 questions:

If you desire to generate momentum in your life.

First off, prepare by getting out a piece of paper answering the following four questions:

1. What new things have happened in the last year that you are happy with and want to keep in your life? This can include people or other changes.


2. What is currently present in your life that you are fairly happy with, but you wish would work better or flow more abundantly?


3. What have you been working on that has not yet manifested (shown up) for you?


4. What is not in your life that you would like to be, but that you have not yet begun to actively work on?


Take as much time as you need to consider these questions, even a few days if necessary.


You will still harness the Equinox energy even if you do the actual ritual a few hours or days after it has passed._great moment to start.

Next, on a fresh piece of paper, go through your list from question #2 and list them in order of priority and importance in your life. Do the same for questions 3 and 4 if you wrote down more than one answer.

Now set the stage for your ritual. You will be speaking aloud so if possible find a private space where you won’t feel embarrassed or weird about it.

Light a candle. If you want you can set out some sacred objects to represent the season, the changes you want to incorporate, and the gratitude you feel. Some leaves, seedpods, or other objects from nature, a special crystal, whatever feels appropriate to you is fine.

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, and then get out your list.

Give thanks for everything you listed in your answer to the first question by saying aloud: “I am grateful for ______________”

Looking at your prioritized list from the second questions, say: “I lovingly ask that __________ (read your list aloud) flow more abundantly into my life.”

Next say:  “I ask that ______________ (state your response from #3) enter my life.”

Take your answer to question #4 and say: “I ask for guidance and courage to bring ____________  into my life experience.”

Once you finish you may find that you want to keep talking or write in your journal. Allow yourself time to fully explore your thoughts and feelings and incorporate any wisdom that arises.

I will share with you some tips as we get into fall and winter- the perfect time for it.and reinvents your momentum in life.

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