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Our actions change our reality. Our intentions matter. Most people believe that their actions have consequences but don’t think through the implications of that belief. I believe, as I do, that it is precisely by acting on our intentions and staying true to our values that we change the world.

How To Build Good Values, have Joy and have exponential results in Life and Business.

You build good values in yourself by continually acting on your intention to do the thing. Through continually acting on your intention to do the thing.

So why do the right thing when so many people don’t?

  • because you know instinctively that doing the thing will benefit you because it will result in others trusting you, cooperating with you and supporting you in getting what you need in life;
  • because you know instinctively that by doing the thing you become the person you were meant to be – the best person you can be, who you are then proud of.

Life is usually happening too fast to stop and recall the information you have gathered. Instead you must learn to “feel your way” for the right thing to do. Feeling your way for the right thing to do is about finding the right balance of instincts, intentions and values that results in everyone involved being closer to their goals.

Finding that balance feels like standing on a balance board – one of those planks of wood that is resting on top of a cylinder in the middle.

You place a foot on each end of the plank and try to balance yourself as the cylinder rolls beneath you. You sense your instincts, you sense your intentions and you sense what you value; and then you start to sense some balance of those where everyone involved is getting closer to their goals.

Often that balance is found through shifting or redefining everyone’s goals, but that balance is never achieved through abandoning or relaxing your intention to stay true to what you value, or by not doing the right thing by everyone involved.

In situation after situation you practice finding that balance, and eventually doing the right thing becomes a habit that arises spontaneously in you. You will certainly fall off the plank, unexpectedly and often, and sometimes with a crash.

Everyone does. When you do, remember that your creativity & frequency arises from those mistakes.

So forgive yourself, figure out why you lost your balance, resolve to do better next time, and then get back on the plank. Do not worry endlessly about your falls and crashes; they are in the past and worrying about them can cripple you as you attempt to move forward in life.

Just learn from your mistakes and move on.

THOSE ARE SOME OF MY VALUES, Integrity, goodness, humility, honesty, fairness, loyalty, honor, kindness, patience and courage are quiet values.

Determining The Values of Others

How do you determine the values of a person or a group? You look at what they do, NOT at what they say. People and groups almost always say they have good values and do the right thing, even when they do not. So to find out the truth you must look at what they actually do – at how they are conducting themselves and at what others unrelated to them say about them. People and groups with poor values are often quite good at hiding that fact.

That’s why I founded VIP BERKANA WOMAN COMMUNITY – VERY INTENTIONAL PEOPLE, VERY INTENTIONAL WOMAN, together we create that sacred space of excellence and unstoppable action to see and design the legacy that we desire to see in the world.

VIP BERKANA WOMAN COMMUNITY IS THE ONLY Membership that will get you to play BIG in life by helping you to get to know yourself better, while you are having exponential results in business. Where COLLABORATION IS THE KEY TO GROW.

I am very happy to see you there.

How to Increase

Inner Peace - Love - Freedom - Fraternity - Goodness - Sacredness - Wealth - Creativity - Intuition

BY UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU ARE and who you are becoming in the process.

Once you will JOIN MY COMMUNITY you will have the ACTION steps ready to embrace that transformation

  • Onboarding session a SYSTEM I DESIGNED to RoadMap out your vision
  • Coaching & Mentoring in the main areas you need attention.
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  • Understanding the sales process.
  • Master your ‘Persona’
  • Role play to become a master.
  • Have Your Story line up to create a force that will lead you to experience everything.
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