Wellness is the active process of becoming aware again and again and making the choices that turn us toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It would be the state of complete social, physical and mental well-being or even a conscious, self-directed & evolving process of achieving one’s full potential. Wellness is a dynamic process of personal and physical growth and change and being free from illnesses.

Why does Wellness matter?

Achieving and mainlining an optimal level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality of life. This matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel from past and present are related to our well-being. Our well-being affects our emotions and ultimately our actions. It is a continuous circle. When we achieve this optimal wellness we can subdue stress, ensure positive interactions and reduce the risk of illnesses.

The eight dimensions of Wellness

There are Eight Dimensions of Wellness that we should discuss: occupational, spiritual, emotional, social, financial, intellectual, physical, and environmental. They are all interrelated with one another and each one is vital in the pursuit of optimal health. This might seem overwhelming but we can achieve an optimal Wellness by focusing and healing each one of these dimensions at a time. With each one and the description, there is a daily affirmation or mantra to create a healthier relationship with each one and also an Essential Oil to go with each one.

Emotional Wellness

This relates to understanding your feelings, your past barriers and emotions and being able to cope with stress effectively. It is important to pay attention to stress reduction, self-care, relaxation, and the development of inner resources so you can learn and grow from your experiences. Feelings and emotions from the past can also have an effect on this. The book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” is one of my all-time favorites for healing past emotional stuff. This is a good time to write down any and all of your limiting beliefs and thoughts and then BURN THEM!

  • Be on the lookout for emotions and moments that trigger feelings
  • Acknowledge the emotions and learn how to let them go regularly
  • Daily Affirmation: “Everything always works out for me, and it works out exactly as it is supposed to.”
  • Use Citrus Bliss essential oil. Citrus Bliss is used to invigorate, relieve and bring about smiles.

Environmental Wellness

This encourages all of us to respect the delicate balance between the environment and ourselves. We are all connected to this great big earth and we all have a responsibility for our environment and the surroundings around us. Respect for other living things in our environment is just as necessary as respect for the physical environment itself. Take off your shoes and go barefoot on the grass and connect.

  • Take off your shoes and go barefoot on the grass regularly
  • Get into nature and enjoy it
  • Daily Affirmation: “I am connected to all things. The sky, trees, plants, people and all things, the whole universe and I are one.”
  • Apply Balance Essential Oil to the bottom of the feet. Balance will ground you in your own center and the center of the World.

Intellectual Wellness

This wellness involves having an open mind when you encounter new ideas, things, people and continuing to expand your knowledge. It encourages active participation in scholastic, cultural and community activities. Time to learn another language. This is the continuing of developing yourself intellectually and staying connected as we do it.

  • Finding and sticking to something that pushes you to learn
  • Daily Affirmation: “I choose to embrace the real me and am committed to being the best I can be in every facet in my life.”
  • Apply Cypress Essential Oil at the back of the neck or the temple. This will unblock and clear emotions and teach us to trust the process.

Financial Wellness

This involves the process of learning how to successfully manage financial expenses. Money plays a critical role in our lives and not having enough of it impacts health as well as academic performance. Financial stress is repeatedly found to be a common source of stress, anxious feelings and fear for so many people.

  • Find a healthy and natural relationship with money
  • Secrets of Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eckard is a great book
  • Daily Affirmation: “Money comes effortlessly and easily and it stays with me”
  • Add Wild Orange Essential Oil to your lotion and use daily. Wild Orange is the oil of abundance and possibility.

Occupational Wellness

This dimension is about enjoying your occupational endeavors, appreciating your contributions and celebrating your successes. This dimension of wellness encourages personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life through work. Always find passion in what you do including in your occupation.

  • Feeling good about one’s contributions to the world.
  • Daily Affirmation: “I love what I do and I passionately do it even if it’s not where I am supposed to be for life.”
  • Apply Juniper Berry Essential Oil to your feet and over your kidney areas for clearing fear and resistance, and helping you DIG IN.

Physical Wellness

This aspect relates to maintaining a healthy body and seeking care when needed. Physical health is attained through eating healthy, exercising daily, getting enough sleep and paying attention to the signs of illnesses and finding whole ways of managing illnesses and diseases. This multi-faceted dimension is relative to each person’s abilities and disabilities. It promotes healthy lifestyle habits and discourages negative and excessive behavior.

  • Physical activity and fitness.
  • Immune system function.
  • Body composition.
  • Daily Affirmation: “I am healthy and my body is feeling fit and energized daily with all that I give to it.”
  • Wintergreen Essential Oil is great for minor aches and it is the oil of surrender.

Social Wellness

This aspect of wellness assists and helps you perform social roles effectively and comfortably, and creates a support network. This dimension of wellness allows you to not only develop encouraging relationships with peers, but also intimate relationships with romantic partners. Promotes creating and maintaining healthy relationships. It enhances interdependence with others and nature, and encourages the pursuit of harmony and feelings of connectedness.

  • Quality and quantity of relationships.
  • Fostering a social network through personal relationships.
  • Daily Affirmation: “I can speak confidently to anybody and I enjoy speaking to new people all the time.”
  • Apply a drop or two of Bergamot Essential Oil to your wrist or feet. Bergamot is all about the self: self-love, self-acceptance, self-approval and this creates a powerful self in society.

Spiritual Wellness

This dimension allows you to develop a set of values that help you seek meaning and purpose. What are your values and what is important to you?
Spirituality can be represented in many ways, for example, through relaxation meditation and tapping into spirit and higher power. Promotes seeking meaning and purpose in human existence. It involves developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics. This dimension emphasizes the development of an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe. Being spiritually well means knowing which resources to use to cope with issues that come up in everyday life. Do you need to pray, meditate, do yoga or find a way to tap into spirituality?

  • Feeling connected to someone or something beyond oneself.
  • Daily Affirmation: “I imagine peace dwelling in me, surrounding me, and flowing out from me to circle the earth – and God makes it so!”
  • Apply Frankincense Essential Oil to the throat and the heart to help grow the Spiritual connection with Source/Life.

The Doterra Mission

“We at doTERRA are committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.
“We will do this by:


“Discovering and developing the world’s highest-quality therapeutic-grade essential oil products through a leveraged network of highly-educated and experienced botanists, chemists, health scientists, and health-care professionals.

“Producing our essential oil products to the highest standard of quality, purity, and safety used in the industry—Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).

“Distributing our products through Wellness Advocates who, working from home, introduce, educate, and sell dōTERRA wellness products locally through person-to-person contact and globally through personalized web shopping sites.

“Providing educational opportunities for all people interested in learning how therapeutic-grade essential oils can be used as a self-care wellness alternative.

“Bringing together health-care professionals of traditional and alternative medicine to encourage further study and application of therapeutic-grade essential oils in modern health-care practices.”

Spiritual Wellness

In the spring of 2008, a group of health-care and business professionals who shared profound personal experiences of the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils came together with a common vision of bringing a new standard of therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. They wanted something different 
that would appeal to all people, from those who knew nothing of essential oils to those who were considered experts in the field.

They asked themselves some defining questions:

• What if we could provide the world with a new and powerful wellness alternative?
• What if we could provide this new level of wellness through a mainstream approach to essential oils?
• What if we could source, test, and manufacture a higher quality of essential oil—more pure and more potent than any other oil available on the market today?
• What if we, in the most professional manner, could partner with major hospitals, doctors, scientists, and opinion leaders to provide the most compelling authentication of essential oils on the planet?

They concluded that, with the hard work and commitment of others who had a similar passion and vision, they could and would create a new paradigm for essential oils. With that conviction, they organized a company and named it dōTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.” The first dōTERRA offering of 25 single oils and 10 oil blends was introduced for sale on April 25, 2008, to the acclaim of essential oil experts and product enthusiasts who immediately recognized the superior quality of dōTERRA therapeutic-grade essential oils.
dōTERRA has continued to add wellness products and to expand their essential oils offering as the company has enjoyed tremendous growth since its beginning.

In the beginning...

And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.
—Ezekiel 47:12

The use of essential oils has been recorded throughout history for a wide variety of cultural, religious, therapeutic and wellness applications.
Even in early prehistoric records, a knowledge of the importance of herbs has been recorded. Early humans discovered that they could dramatically improve the effectiveness of herbs by extracting the oils – the essence – of a variety of plants. Highly concentrated essential oils are many times more potent than the original plant is.

Early Recordings of Essential Oils

As human history continued, many great leaders began to record the descriptions and amazing benefits of a variety of plants, flowers, trees, bark, seeds, herbs, fruit, pulp, roots and other sources of essential oils. Shen Yun’s Herbal Book is the oldest surviving medical book in China’s history. It contains information on over 300 herbs and their applications. The Ebers Papyrus is an Egyptian record holding herbal knowledge dating back to 1550 BC. It contains over 800 solutions for many types of issues and describes many methods for applying essential oils.

The Egyptians were some of the first people to use aromatic essential oils extensively for wellness purposes, beauty treatment, food preparation, and religious ceremony. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Cinnamon were considered very valuable cargo along caravan trade routes. It has been estimated that over 3,000 tons of Frankincense was transported via caravans annually. The Bible also holds many accounts of the use of these precious herbs.

Borrowing from the Egyptians, the Greeks used essential oils in their practices of therapeutic massage and aromatherapy. Hypocrites, commonly known as the father of medicine, believed that a daily application of both of these practices would promote good health. The Romans also used aromatic oils to promote health and personal hygiene.

The Essence of Plants

If you have ever squeezed the peel of a lemon or an orange and smelled the strong scents emitted, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. Besides giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being wonderfully fragrant to people, essential oils have long been used in food preparation, beauty treatments, massage, aromatherapy and for many therapeutic and wellness benefits.

Essential oils, contrary to the use of the word “oil”, are not oily-feeling at all. Pure essential oils are clear – or are the color of the plant of origin – but pure essential oils should leave no residue when placed on the skin or on a paper towel.

An essential oil contains the true essence of the plant that it is derived from.
Essential oils are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. “Less is more” is Team OLiO’s motto when using essential oils. After distillation the final result is a very concentrated, very potent and very effective product. To gain an understanding of how potent, 1-drop of the doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils are THAT powerful and THAT pure!

Essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their therapeutic benefits. For millennia they have been used in ancient practices, beauty treatments, religious ceremonies and in modern aromatherapy. Modern trends toward more holistic approaches to self-care and wellness are driving a rediscovery of the profound benefits of essential oils. Many have powerful cleansing and rejuvenating properties.

We all know the power of smell and how every day scents can affect us – both negatively and positively. Whenever we smell a perfume or cologne we can be reminded of someone and we can be taken back in time with a simple scent.

Essential oils are not the same as perfume or fragrances. Where essential oils are derived from the true essence of plants, perfume oils are artificial or contain a variety of external substances and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that pure essential oils can offer.

Essential oils can assist in relaxing, sleeping better, or improving a skin condition. They can assist with mild digestive issues and minor aches. Their benefits can go beyond a pleasant smell.
The chemical composition and aroma of essential oils can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. These benefits are usually achieved through several methods including inhalation, application of diluted essential oils on the skin, or even internally if Certified Pure.

Inhalation and topical application of essential oils as a molecule can enter the lungs and are absorbed in the bloodstream fairly quickly. Essential oils can have a powerful effect on us mentally, physically and emotionally. Their unique chemistry structure allows them to pass directly through the skin for immediate systemic response to topical application. Certain oils can be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well-being.

Essential oils can often vary greatly in quality and price. Want to experience the difference of doTERRA Certified Pure Essential Oils? Team OLiO members live throughout North America and Australia and we are expanding into Europe and Asia. We would love to meet with you, show you the difference and leave you some sample oils to try out.

And there were some who died with fevers, which at some seasons of the year were very frequent in the land–but not so much so with fevers, because of the excellent qualities of the many plants and roots which God had prepared to remove the cause of diseases, to which men were subject by the nature of the climate

—Alma 46:40

How Do You Use Essential Oils?

Essential oils are used in a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. They can be used singly or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. Essential oils are usually administered by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically to the skin, and many of the doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils can be taken internally as a dietary supplement.

Essential oils are safe and have a few, if any, undesirable side effects when used as directed. However, they are powerfully concentrated and should be used with care and guidance, especially if you’re new to using these wonderful gifts of nature. Working with someone who has used essential oils before will assist any first-time users to have a more beneficial, effective and enjoyable experience. Be sure to use doTERRA CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE Essential Oils and follow all labels and instructions carefully.

dōTERRA has specific guidance for each essential oil, as some of them are meant to used only Aromatically or Topically and not taken internally. Additionally, certain oils might require dilution with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for people with sensitive skin. Some oils should always be diluted due to the strength of the essential oil.

dōTERRA provides a visual cue for essential oils regarding usages and dilution that looks like the chart on the left, and each essential oil is tagged with one of the usage/dilution assignments on the right:

So, for example, an essential oil that can be used both Aromatically and applied Topically and might require dilution for people with sensitive skin would be marked with A, T and S. An essential oil that can be used Aromatically, applied Topically or taken Internally (digested) and doesn’t require any dilution would be marked with A, T, I and N.
Please see the following sections regarding the various uses, dilutions and mixing of essential oils.


Our sense of smell can influence us many different ways – emotionally it provides a powerful response and release. Aromatherapy is based on this powerful sense of smell and its ability to affect the olfactory stimuli and create a positive influence. When you diffuse these oils into the air, they have the ability to calm, soothe, rid the air of unwanted toxins and odors, and can have a powerful effect on your emotional mood. Diffusers are a must in every workplace and home. Using the oils aromatically is a powerful way to use them. Studies have shown that essential oils are detected in your blood stream after aromatically usage, especially with a good diffuser.


dōTERRA Essential Oils can easily and safely be absorbed through the skin and applied topically on our bodies. By using essential oils on specific areas, you can have an immediate effect on those areas for issues of concern or relief. Massage therapists have used essential oils for years because of their calming nature and restorative effects. They can also be used in many situations for relief of minor aches. Topical use is shown in studies to result in the essential oils being present in your bloodstream within less than a minute.
Many oils can be applied to the bottom of the feet and absorbed into the body quickly to improve everything from your emotional mood to your physical wellness.


Several of the dōTERRA CPTG Essential Oils can be used as dietary supplements for a variety of issues, or simply for wonderful flavoring in drinks or foods. Check out our blog for essential oils that can be taken internally as well as recipes for cooking with essential oils!
Essential oils are relaxing, uplifting, distressing, cleansing, purifying, revitalizing, elevating, refreshing, rejuvenating, immune supporting, invigorating and have a powerful effect on the body. Many of the oils are safe for internal use – with increased benefits internally – although some should not be taken internally. Make sure and check the usage indications for each essential oil and know which are safe for internal consumption and which are not!

Internal Consumption of Essential Oils:

Internal consumption of dōTERRA essential oils can occur through many ways. Some people might place a drop or two of certain oils directly on the tongue. Often you might dilute one or more essential oils in a glass of water. dōTERRA essential oils can used in culinary applications and provide wonderful flavors to drinks and foods – keep an eye on our blog for frequent recipes for cooking and flavoring with dōTERRA!

Another way of taking essential oils internally is by filling (either partially or completely) a vegetable capsule (commonly called a “veggie cap”) with one or more oils and swallowing that. This method allows for the oils (not all of them are tasty!) to enter your stomach and then the veggie cap dissolves and the oils are absorbed. dōTERRA as even made some of the more popular mixes of essential oils available for sale in capsules, lozenges and beadlets so you don’t have to mix and create your own.

Additionally, many essential oils are found on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list that approves essential oils for internal use as non-medical constituents. Essential oils do have usages and applications that extend far beyond these parameters; however, the GRAS list is still an accredited tool that contributes to confirming the safety of internal use of essential oils.

—Dr David K Hill, dōTERRA Chief Medical Officer


Essential oils can be mixed, and often are.  Many people experiment with mixing various essential oils in order to achieve a desired benefit.  dōTERRA has its own mixes – called Blends – that are very popular.  If you’re a DIY type of person, you can approach your own essential oil mixology either with a specific goal in mind – mixing an oil that might alleviate minor aches with one that might help soothe the skin – or you might want to simply create your own blend that has aromatic properties that are appealing to you.  There aren’t many rules in essential oil mixology, although you do want to keep in mind the general rules around usage (Aromatic, Topical, Internal) and dilution (Neat, Sensitive or Dilute).

When people find a special mix of essential oils that works well for them, they will often share the “recipe” with others.  We have published several essential oil recipes on our blog and will continue to publish other recipes as we learn or them or create them ourselves.


Each dōTERRA essential oil has a dilution indicator, either N (for “Neat”) needing no dilution, S (for “Sensitive”) where dilution might be appropriate for those with sensitive skin or young children, or D (for “Dilute”) where dilution is recommended or required.

We strongly recommend diluting essential oils using only dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil.


For aromatic applications of essential oils, a good diffuser is essential. dōTERRA has many wonderful diffusers available, but there are many others on the 3rd party essential oil market that work well. Look for our coming review of diffusers, or ask if you want advice.

Of the many ways to use essential oils to support and uplift the body, internal use offers some of the most profound effects, and yet it is the least recognized. Find out how to ingest essential oils in a safe and effective way from a Team berkanawoman essentials member. CONTACT ME  for a free class and samples!