Quantum Leap to Millions


The process of 7 weeks of creation


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  1. In this program you will design your BLUEPRINT PROGRAM that will be your birth sign to monetize your talents, gifts and uniqueness, INTO A system that will sell.
  2. The 7 Step System to Find Your Life Story and Message & build the main core steps of your program to be seeing and heard.
  3. Money and Wealth the divine aspects of the vibration that creates a ripple effect of abundance.
    From your life your biography, Your Message will RISE! This is your first step to creating an authentic message that sets the ENTIRE Stage for your success, so you can get your dream clients delivered to you and earn your dream income month after month.
  4. How to design a vulnerable, inspirational, money making story that communicates the message and attracts to you a force of money-divine aspects of it.
  5. I will show you the exactly techniques I have used to manifest more money in one month that in one year of hard work.
  • We will review your flow with money.
  • We will incorporate the 5MQ NEW HABITS TO MANIFEST AWARENESS.
  • We will role play and share the experience of the ancient techniques were used to embrace success.
  • The limiting beliefs.
  • The aspects of Wealth to success and break the unknown.
  • We will learn the basic of different languages that money has, and how to be in the same frequency.
  • You will observe everything with the real energy and not under your perception of being real.
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