Essential Oils for Confidence, Creativity and Self-Esteem


One of the moments I feel empowered is when I create the space to be still and let the intuitive answers come to me- I had a tuff last year and

Essential oils for confidence, creativity, and self-esteem help to boost your confidence and support your living life to the fullest.*

The oils you use should smell good and make you feel good when you inhale them.

Surely you’ve heard that confidence is one of the sexiest traits a man or woman can have. Confidence makes us hold our heads high, working, and playing without second-guessing ourselves. Confidence allows you to grab onto opportunities when they show up, without fear. Yet, so many of us continue to struggle.

Essential oils for confidence, creativity and self-esteem support a higher level of confidence by first relieving fear, stress, and tension that prevent us from living life to the fullest.*

These are 2 blends I use to channel and manifest the things I desire – It will create the courage to help you support emotional repatterning to strengthen the solar plexus chakra and support confidence and boundaries in relationships, while you start to attract to you everything. Beautiful results.

Grapefruit Orange, Bergamot

Related to confidence is self-esteem. It’s hard to take confident action if our self-esteem is low. Self-esteem – recognizing our worth and taking pride in ourselves and what we d0 – doesn’t always come easy. Focusing on self-esteem helps boost your confidence and your appreciation of yourself in general, a very important trait.

Keep in mind that essential oils won’t turn you into someone full of high self-esteem overnight, but they are a definite aid to those struggling with unhappiness and issues of self-worth.

Essential Oils for Self-Esteem*

Try this smoky, musky, powerful blend for self-esteem by mixing: Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Vetiver

Remember—everyone is different and we all bring our own unique qualities and gifts to the world. You deserve to be confident so you can let your authentic self shine!

Use essential oils for everything they will change your life and your perspective of many other things.


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