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A Minimalist Mindset

How minimalism inspired me to regain focus and own my life

Our mind is our most powerful tool and we have the opportunity to develop and listen to it or limit its potential.

I’ve always had a growth-mindset and great motivation to pursue my passions—like a mental drive or an itch in search of more. Although, until I started adopting a minimalist lifestyle, I wasn’t taking the time to adequately pursue my dreams.

My mind was cluttered with self-doubt and fear. Mostly the fear that I may never live my best life—a life that is true to who I am and fulfills my goals and values.

It’s been a year since I began leading a minimalist lifestyle and I have slowly stripped away this fear. Minimalism has inspired me to eliminate excess noise and embrace my vulnerabilities.

I began this journey by removing all physical clutter, including material items that weren’t bringing me joy. I immediately felt calmer, I felt a new sense of space, and I gained time back. I then tackled digital clutter, much of which was coming from my smartphone. I removed apps that weren’t advancing my life and I turned off notifications that were fragmenting my focus. I’ve since developed a clearer understanding of my innate identity and a deeply focused frame of mind, which describes what a minimalist mindset means to me.

This lifestyle inspired me to take a step back, review my goals and values, rework unconstructive habits, design new ones, and live each day with greater purpose.

I no longer feel the need to react to life’s distractions or temptations that can set me off track. I am more intentional with my time, I have the attention to produce deep work, and I embrace the joy of missing out.

Today, I see fear as a compass and I dance with it. I am more in control of my every day and I’m proactively taking action to reach my dreams.

I am on the path to developing my best life and inspiring others to do the same.

Subtractive Creation seems to be an appropriate metaphor for the rest of life as well: there will always be life’s excess, always more, always too many inputs bombarding us from every direction—but instead of abhorrent multitasking, instead of trying to get things done, we can make life more beautiful via subtraction and have exponential success.


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