13 Holy Nights

Are You Ready to Dive In?

This time of year it can feel as if the world is upside down. Expectations are magnified. Time feels pressured. It’s easy to get lost to ourselves and to forget our true belonging.

But during the holy-days, when it’s the darkest dark outside, is also the perfect time to let our eyes grow wide and full of stars—to begin a new, to access wonder. There is a territory vaster than our own Souls ready to reveal itself to us now. Beyond worry. Or planning. Or thought. Or contemplation. Or should. Or roles. Or expectations. Beyond time even–the great. timeless now of constant creation.

We are being asked to get quiet, and allow the never before seen ways to come forward. To root deeper into the Real. To trust and let go of all that we have known so that what wants to be known through us can reveal.

The Holy-days are a sacred pause, the liminal space between darkness and light. An in-between place to get quiet, take stock, dream, and allow the seeds for the next year to be planted. But often we forget. And get caught in chaos and outward focus. Or in aloneness and separation.

That’s when it’s time to go within and find the place that never was, or never could be separate from Source. To let the dream that is wanting to be born to dream us.

What Are the 13 Holy Nights?

The 13 Holy Nights is an unique practice from the Anthroposophic tradition  designed to help us tap into the spirit of the season and listen to the small, still voice within. This time of year is the darkest in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is also one of the most luminous, when our light is bright and Source is dreaming us into form.

The 13 Holy Nights practice begins at sunset on December 24th and goes through sunset on January 6th. This is a time of dreaming, hibernation, listening, and paying attention to how Source is planting its seeds in us for the coming year. According to some traditions, the first of the Holy Nights (December 24th-December 25th) contains the imprint for the entire next year, while each of the subsequent nights contains the imprint for one of the months.  Practicing during the Holy Nights doesn’t require much. Just a journal, perhaps a candle, your own curiosity, and a small window of time to go within and listen.

I was first introduced to this practice in 1999 and have been doing it every year since. It is one of my favorite things to do. Last year, I decided to add guided meditations to the mix, that brings clarity and unique perception of yourself, life and business. I had 85 people sign up to join me from all over the world. Many are still writing to tell me how powerful their 13 Holy Nights practice was, so I’ve decided to offer it again this year with a whole new set of meditations (or “listening”) and practical experience. We will line up the whole 2020.


No matter what your religious or spiritual background you can participate in this practice of deep listening and setting the tone for your new year.

If you feel called, I invite you join me for this internal, dream practical time journey. To re-member the light and listen to what dream is wanting to dream itself through you and into form.

I invite you to celebrate the birth of the Higher Being as I. He has the most complete vision to ordain and create successful ideals, values and new power.

In this period in the depth of Winter Olav Aestov slept throughout the 13 Holy Nights with the 12 days according to an old Norwegian legend.

Now you can celebrate the power to make the changes you wish in your life. Write your dreams of each of the Holy Nights. With this review you shall achieve an extraordinary skills to enrich your life.

Let the inspiration come to you from the best of your own being and from the best of the world you know. The following verses intend to help your be inspired. Each verse corresponds to one of the 13 nights. Read it and make it your own, transform it if you wish so. Share your experiences and your dreams. And let’s create the most incredible New Year,.

Together we give new meaning to transcendental beauty, and a clear road map FOR 2020

The 13 Holy Nights are an opportunity for us to reconnect with our divine rhythm and nature, while simultaneously providing a gateway to an evolution of self. By slowing down, paying attention and listening with an open heart, we can hear the wise counsel of our soul’s calling and the loving guidance from our “unseen team” of angels and guides.

You will set the intentions for each of the months in a very unique way of MANIFESTATION AND PROCESS THAT WILL ALIGNE YOU with the vibration to attract the thing you desire.

Are you open to experience something unique?

Time to add the energy to manifest everything you desire and evolve yourself to who you want to become to embrace everything.



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