13 Holy Nights


In Anthroposophy, a field of study developed by Rudolf Steiner, the nights between the nativity and the epiphany, roughly December 25th (some say the 24th) to January 6th, are thought to be the time when the veils are the most thin between the spirit realm and the human realm.

These nights are the best time of year to set intentions, to plant seeds, and to go inward in prayer and meditation.  

We are entering the holiest time of the year.

This time is a profound opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and plant the seeds for a healthy and healed New Year. 

When you are consciously aware that this is a powerful  window and that spirit can have a more direct connection and influence, you can really work with it and pull in a lot of information that will help you through the next year.

It is important to be receptive to this time of year and receive the imprint that is happening.

When I was introduced to Anthroposophy in 1999 I had the opportunity to practice during the month of December the 13 Holy nights.

The darkest day of the year comes when the sun reaches its lowest point over the equator. This is a natural time for reflection, and moving inwards into a sort of spiritual hibernation.

Common rituals of winter solstice include meditation, contemplation, and seeking silence. It’s a powerful time to slow down, focus inward and to let go of the old, outdated, and all that no longer serves.

The winter solstice is the perfect time for making plans, setting intentions, and really you can think of it as the cycle of life that’s right before the birth of a new project, event, or phase of life.

Honoring Stillness you are connecting not only with the sun and nature and you will create the wisdom to be intentional for the next 12 months.


From midnight December 24th to dawn January 6th  can be regarded as a microcosmic experience of the macrocosm, allowing us to approach contemplating the events in our own lives, in order to uncover the golden threads connecting us to one another, to the goals of Earth evolution, and to the divine spiritual nature that comes to birth again and again at this darkest time of year. 

13 nights

12 wishes 

4  Road Maps

There are many ways to consider this sacred time, making the most important element not how you do it, but rather whether or not you do it. 

In this approach, the 13 nights will be aligned to the descending and ascending forces of your intentionality as they relate to the human physical form, the wish you desire to see, the way you line up the time to come.

Now you can celebrate the power to make the changes you wish in your life. Write your dreams of each of the Holy Nights, with this review you shall achieve an extraordinary skills to enrich your life.

Let the inspiration come to you from the best of your own being and from the best of the world you know.


Together we give new meaning to transcendental beauty.

The Holy Nights are from sunset on December 24th until sunset January 6th. I recommend having a specific journal for this practice, a candle, and utilizing some sort of oracle cards.

Together we will design the path and the intentions for the time to come, in a very sacred space of interconnectedness.

When the sun sets on the 24th until sunset on the 25th we are imprinting the entire next year with significance and intentionality.

Visualize this sensation being rooted within you and then expanding outward to impact all areas of your life.

I have been working in the field of Anthroposophy since 1999 one of the most incredible gifts I have since then.

Are you open to experience something unique?

Time to add the energy to manifest everything you desire and evolve yourself to who you want to become to embrace everything.



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